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Learn How To Sell Your Home For Top-Dollar While Eliminating The Carrying Costs.

If I Have ONE Piece Of Advice For Selling A Luxury Home:
Do NOT List It

That May Sound Counter-Intuitive, But Let Me Explain…

Your home isn't like other homes, so why should it be sold the same way? To get full market value, and even create bidding wars, there's a better way to go to market.

That’s what we’re all about here: Selling Luxury Real Estate Pretty Darn Quick. We’d love to show you how – Our proprietary program brings it all together. You should both want the process to go as smoothly and efficiently as possible, for the highest good of both buyer and seller. We help you get there, and it’s our honor to be a part of the journey.

Take The First Step Right Away By Scheduling Your “Pretty Darn Quick” Strategy Session, Today.
We Accept 4 out of 10 Properties. See if your home qualifies.

What Kinds Of Sales And Marketing Methods Are You Or Your Agent Using?

Have You Been Pleased With The Process, Timeliness, And Visibility Of Your Home?

Wouldn’t It Feel Fantastic To Find A Reliable Real Estate Partnership That Leads To:

Selling that luxury property in less than 60 days

Keeping the price robust & steady, without a single discount

Knowing just which qualities to highlight to increase interest

Enjoying a positive outcome, knowing your home went to the right buyer

Both traditional and modern luxury homes sell more efficiently when we focus on a single, exclusive marketing standard. Getting a property sold quickly at the highest market value in today’s market certainly has challenges but when it’s approached with the right tools can DEFINITELY be done well.

Discover How The Proven Method Of Luxury Auctions Attracts Quality Buyers

Gone are the days when auctions were used only for distressed properties and foreclosures. Savvy owners are turning to luxury real estate auctioneers for an efficient and effective selling option to implement the accelerated marketing approach. Auctions are increasingly growing in popularity as sellers see the advantages of the auction method.

Sale Under Control

You set the sale date, terms, time lines and eliminates the inconvenience of unscheduled showings

No Contingencies

Your property is sold as-is. No contingencies or numerous inspections or repairs to lower the price.

Attract Only Serious Buyers

Auction buyers are expected to deposit substantial non-refundable deposits which attracts only serious, eligible buyers.

We Accept 4 out of 10 Properties. See if your home qualifies.

Still Wondering If The Auction Method Is The Quick Way To Sell Your Luxury Property?

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think auctions offer exciting items they wouldn’t otherwise purchase

We are 100% confident we will help you sell your luxury property at a quick pace.

Our goal is to bring you the highest return and help you get the most qualified buyer, who knows your property’s real market value.
Here’s How Our Accelerated Selling Process Works.

We Craft A Highly Focused Marketing Strategy Aligned With Your Timeline

Our expertise and experience from dealing with many luxury home sales over the years has boiled down to a unique marketing strategy that is highly focused and customized to your timeline and help you reach the highest number of qualified bidders.

We Create A Competitive Environment Amongst Buyers And Drive The Price Upwards.

Our well-designed auctions shift the focus of the buyer from price to value by providing them with information about the property, engage in prompt interest & call them to act. Prospective buyers pre-register & submit their bids and compete, live, with other affluent buyers for your property.

We Set Your Closing Date Beforehand - With No Contingencies or Inspections.

We create the target market and maximum competition to achieve the highest price. With an auction, there is no money left on the negotiating table. The swift nature of our auctions reduces holding costs such as mortgage payments, maintenance and repairs, taxes & insurance.

We Accept 4 out of 10 Properties. See if your home qualifies.

Every selling situation is unique in nature. To realize a successful sale, it’s imperative you choose the right company to fit your individual selling needs.

Let’s talk and see if your property is a good match before the timing is gone. We look forward to speaking with you.

We Accept 4 out of 10 Properties. See if your home qualifies.